About us

Mad.travel Club is a community of sport and adventure lovers who want to spend their holidays active style and meet new friends with the same life view.

We suggest you a chain of events in the top of surfing spots during all year and ski resort in winter season which gather adventure lovers from different countries in one place.

We organise the unique events with atmosphere you never find anywhere else where all participants live in one big house, surfing, skiing, snowboarding with many others, cook together in international “cooking teams”, play a lot of funny games, organize parties, hang out in bars and so on – there are always bunch of new ideas!

And moreover – you will find for sure cool people who is happy to live active and interesting life and share their experience.

  • If you do not have company for joining an exciting journey, you MUST definitely go with us! Cheerful and ready for adventure travelers join us as alone as with friends or couple! We can help you get acquainted with all, as we will be traveling together, going to beach parties, play different games – it’s always so much fun!
  • You do not need to spend time for organizing your holidays! Everything is already  organized! Camp leaders will accompany you during all the holidays, tell all the necessary information and fix all the questions on the place. We organize trips to the most interesting places or prompt where you can go. In the evening it will be a lot of fun: games, parties, entertainment programs are waiting for you!
  • We offer you not just holidays, but learn something new! If you have never skiing, snowboarding or surfing, it’s time to try! In addition, it is physical fitness, which is useful for health, it’s also a lot of fun, not to mention the increadible beauty of the mountains and the ocean! A lot of beginners  join us and we take care that you learn a new sport with ease and smile.

Our mission is to create community that will bring all participants inspiring experiences: cross-cultural encounters and sportive holidays that are fun, engaging, and illuminating.

Our motto: You think adventure is dangerous? Try routine – it’s lethal.